andrea neal
Andrea Neal, Ph.D. CEO

Over 15 years of experience in the management of large-scale national and international projects. Dr. Neal's expertise is utilized on multiple international panels every year.

gordon neal
Gordon Neal, Ph.D., EE CEO

Over 45 years experience in Avionics management and engineering; has grown two companies from a $5 million USD per year programs to high quality $125 million and $250 million USD per year programs respectively.

jerry knotts
Jerry Knotts, BSEE, MBA CFO

Over than 30 years of successful experience in defense and aerospace companies. Serial Entrepreneur. Jerry Knotts is the President/CEO of California Coast Venture Forum.

randall mielke
Randall Mielke, Ph.D. CTO

Over 30 years of experience in research projects and 15 years managing many high-profile projects and laboratories -NASA and UCSB. Dr. Mielke has well over 43 peer reviewed scientific publication and continues to publish his findings.

rayon curruthers
Rayon Carruthers Jr. Environmental Science Director

Rayon has a B.S. in Environmental Biology and managed coastal projects for Jamaica's environmental regulatory agency.

minh tran
Minh X. K. Tran Assistant Operations Director

Minh has a B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Physics from UCSB.  He has founded several student-run organizations, including the Next Generation Summit.

ziggy peake
Ziggy Peake Senior Web Data Management Engineer

Ziggy is the President and Founder of Sling Technologies, he is also the Founder of Human Tools and an expert at creating large scale technological advances and solutions.

jacob kistner
Jacob Kistner Online Sales Manager

 Has a B.A. in Marketing from Antioch University and is developing the marketing and media. Originally from Sweden he has been working for the past 4 years in website design.

michael perselius
Michael Perselius Online Sales Manager

Has a B.A. in Media and Communication from Antioch University and is managing the social media. Has been working with marketing groups for multiple organizations and is specialized in the developement of social media platforms to convey the key messages.

aidan briggs
Aidan Briggs Non-Profit Sales Representative

Has the drive and enjoyment to work for a good cause and is focusing his efforts on reaching out to non-profit organizations to sample our waterways for chemical toxins.