For Non-Profits

Kit #1 Kit #2 Kit #3 The Works
Pesticides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Herbicides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fungicides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phthalate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pharmaceuticals Yes Yes No Yes
Pyrethroids No Yes Yes Yes
Fracking Compounds No Yes No Yes
Industrial Waste No No Yes Yes

What is the professional water testing kit?

O.W.L. testing kits provides your members Peace of Mind by providing them the tools to help manage their water resources; with the first step of knowing what’s in their water, and the second of data that can be used to secure those resources.

  • We provide services to Non-Profits, Interest Groups, and Individuals who just want to make a positive impact on water quality for us and future generations
  • Data from the last EPA report, 2009 State Summary Data show that in California, 85% of the major water direct discharge permittees are violating the Clean Water Act - “Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Majors”.
  • The result of this is that water that is being released into our rivers or that is used for drinking water and recreational use is contaminated.

Products and Services

One of our primary goals is to provide customer’s access to Hope2O OWL testing Services and Data Resources. We work with concerned groups to support their efforts by; Promoting their participation in the Hope2O’s Operation Water Legacy Program, Providing them with data and tools for outreach to their members, and Giving them an avenue for fundraising through our affiliation program

Kit includes (1 Water, 1 Sediment Sample vial), 300+ Contaminants, and an ARC-GIS Map of the sampling location.