Worried about heavy metals in your water?

Heavy Metals Kit Tests For:
Aluminum Arsenic Barium Bismuth
Boron Cadmium Calcium Chloride
Chromium Cobalt Copper Fluorine
Gallium Indium Iodide Iron
Lead Lithium Magnesium Manganese
Molybenum Zinc Nickel Phosphorus
Potassium Selenium Silver Strontium

What is the heavy metals testing kit?

Our simple kits allow you to collect a small sample of water in order to analyze the heavy metals that might be in it. You return the sample to us in the included box. We use the most modern scientific equipment to look for indicators of heavy metals. We are able to detect chemicals that are present in small amounts and help you determine what steps to take next.

How do I read the results?

Hope2o has developed a simple StopLight Alert System to help you to understand what is in your water and what you can do about it. The StopLight Alert System shows you which heavy metals are above EPA limits or are potentially of concern. We provide helpful advice with each readout on specific steps you can take to protect your family.

The StopLight Alert System:
Green – Represents minimal risk for your family’s health
Yellow – Moderate risk to adults; young children and otherwise at-risk adults should be concerned,
Red – High risk to adults and children