Test Kits for Your Home Water and Garden

performed by BOS professional laboratory.

home water testing
Home Garden Heavy Metals

Send us your water or soil samples and we use state of the art equipment to professionally test the quality of your home water or soil. With Hope2o you will gain piece of mind and control over your home water resources.

Heavy Metals Kit

for agricultures and gardens Test your water for heavy metals and recive information that will help you to understand if your water contains toxic contaminants from your municipality’s water that is not being removed by your present filtration system.

Professional Services

for businesses and resturants A Clean Water Provider certification shows the customer health is important; by analyzing the water for chemicals to know their water filtration system is workig appropriately. 
Non-Profit Kit
for non profits Each OWL kit provides: 2 samples jars (1 Water, 1 Sediment), pair of nitrile gloves. The samples are analyzed for 300+ chemicals, and you will gain access to the National OWL Water Map Database.

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