Professional Services

Kit #1 Kit #2 Kit #3 The Works
Pesticides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Herbicides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fungicides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phthalate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pharmaceuticals Yes Yes No Yes
Pyrethroids No Yes Yes Yes
Fracking Compounds No Yes No Yes
Industrial Waste No No Yes Yes

Professional Services

Professional Services is the branch that develops and provides technological services for; bio-remediation, real-time detection systems, secure data management solutions, and quick robust analysis of liquids, soils, air, and semi-solids. Our scientific and engineering staff design advanced and unique water technologies for consumers, professionals, industry and municipalities.

Products & Services

Our primary products include robust, efficient and local professional services for testing of liquids, semi-solids, air, and soils for environmental consulting, agriculture, food and beverage, nutraceutical, oil and gas, and natural product industries called Hope2oPro. Through our other programs BOB, DART, and the MINI-S1, the BOSLLC, Team has developed solutions for some of the toughest water quality issues such as real time remote monitoring and removing radioactive heavy metals, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants out of water. BOSLLC offers custom services for data mining, processing, mapping and secured data management.

What we do:
  • Test more than 500 organic chemicals and heavy metals in liquid, semi-solids, soil, plant material, fruits, nuts, or air.
  • Tests are in the part per billion and part per trillion range providing excellent accuracy and robustness.
  • Tests are run on AB SCIEX QTRAP® 5500 LC/MS/MS with a library of over 600 Analytes & Agilent Technologies 7890A GC System.
  • Provide an easy to read printout, raw data, or summary of what was found in the samples.
  • Custom chemical and heavy metal analysis for specific customer needs.
  • Special pricing for volume.
What makes us different:
  • Significantly lower price point compared to competitors.
  • Quick turnaround service, in some cases as fast as 12-24 hours for local customers.
  • Customized technology and services to meet the needs and demands of customers.
  • Samples are run by Ph.D. scientists with experience in major labs at NASA-JPL-Caltech, and Major Universities
  • The Hope2o Labs Test For Inorganic Chemistry, Toxic Chemical Elements, Volatile Organics, Semi-Volatile Organics, and Organic Chemistry.