About us

Hope2o provides water testing kits to consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our professional sample analysis services were developed by Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) LLC, a clean water technology company in Goleta, CA.

We offer people, companies, municipalities, government agencies and academics tools, state of the art technologies, and validated scientific information for rapid detection and assessment of harmful chemicals and heavy metals in water, soil, urine, breast-milk, sweat, food products, nutritional supplements, and pharmaceuticals..

Why we test

Harmful pesticides, hebicides, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, phthalates and heavy metal exposure to humans and animals cost families, businesses and governments billions of dollars every year due to illness. The ability to quickly and affordably assess these contaminants saves undue hardships on families and money.


of people in the state of California are concerned about what's in their water.


of large water discharges in California are in compliance with the clean water act.


of tests we have conducted contains at least one dangerous contaminant.

What is the advantage of using Hope2o analytical services?

For the commercial sector, Hope2o is able to offer sample analysis services at a significantly reduced rate and with a faster turnaround time. For some clients 24-hour professional service will be available for $995 USD which is more than 50% off the leading competitor's prices.

Most consumers are relying on municipal reports to tell them the quality of their water. Few people realize that city reports may not reflect the quality of water that comes through the tap that families actually drink and shower with. Hope2o consumer kits offer a robust, comprehensive level of analysis at at a base cost of $49 USD for consumers, which makes it possible for individual families to test their water periodically throughout the year.

Blue Ocean Sciences

The primary goal of BOS is to create a team of scientists who can address the needs of the global community by conducting high-level research, sharing accurate scientific information, creating effective educational materials and media communications regarding the health of our food we eat, water we use and drink, and our oceans health. As an independent testing laboratory, BOS promotes and implement partnerships that are vital to the improve our understanding of to best maintain a healthy environment for our future children and grandchildren. Learn More ➙

The Team

Meet the team from Blue Ocean Sciences who are will answer the questions about your water. Learn More ➙